Terrain blocking exit

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Terrain blocking exit

Postby rehab79 » 22 July 2016, 21:36

I am in a game, my team got set up and my hero is stuck in a house, the only door is blocked by what I assume is generated terrain :( I don't know how you can fix this, but one of my main damage dealers is out of the entire game because he can't get out.

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Re: Terrain blocking exit

Postby Drildgen » 25 July 2016, 12:56

Greetings rehab79,

Would you happen to have an overview screenshot of the location where this happened? It would help me tremendously to fix the problem. If you still have the saved game, return to the battlefield and take a screenshot while in strategy view.

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Re: Terrain blocking exit

Postby rehab79 » 26 July 2016, 01:40

unfortunately I don't, it was a house in the centre area of the map. I don't even remember what map it was :( I am sorry

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