Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

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Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

Postby EDTHESPOOK » 03 May 2016, 20:27

Not sure if the game had desynced and that caused the freeze and i dont want to trundle through the logs as im tired so ill just link them below.Was in another contest game vs stymie as part of the tournament bror organised(its on steam forums if anyone wants to look)and just like in the last game i had with stymie it has frozen again and as he quit last time i quit this time.The leader i have just skipped 12 in game days to finish is now useless due to injurys and im down 2 henchman as well(and all 3 of these characters were still standing in my game).Please work out what is causing these freezes i have had them in at least 50% of the games ive played lately and its just making the game unplayable.I could not care less losing characters to games but continuous loss to a bug is real frustrating.mine and stymies logs linked below thanks for your time ED
combat EDTHESPOOK.log
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combat Stymie.log
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Stymie Jackson
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Re: Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

Postby Stymie Jackson » 03 May 2016, 20:43

Yeah, my log shows a miss at the end. His shows a hit, and then a successful parry. So he hung waiting for me to make a counter-attack that was never offered on my side (my character had 1 OP available).

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Re: Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

Postby Arganan » 04 May 2016, 10:10

The situation stymie describes sound like a classical communication issue in socked based communication and a very important hint.
I think when the reason is solved, why there is a different between hit & not hit the main reason for desync is solved.
How are the message content encapsulated?
Are there any confirmation messages for receiving?
Any resend methodes implemented?
there are different methodes to guaranty stable communications. Even when messages get lost during communications.

This issue prevent me from playing pvp so I hope you get it solved.

Edit: When you have a closer look to the log, then you can see that the numbers of the rolls are all different, wether they are success or fail. That means there are two different RNG working for the same action and that will never work out and will allways cause desync.
So why they are different?
Why there are 2 different rolls for the same action?
which player is host in a match?
Or is there any server controlling the match?
How does the data flow in between the two clients/host-client when an action is done?
Even if you have two leading clients for actions in a match you have to controll the rolles based on the source.

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Re: Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

Postby Drildgen » 04 May 2016, 13:28

The problem with desyncs is that it rarely happened where you notice it. I will send all your details to our development team so they can investigate deeper. We know that Charge and Ambush are more likely to cause desync and we've been trying different possibilities to mitigate or solve the issue.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Game just freezes(and it happens again and again)

Postby JudgeFire » 09 December 2016, 18:51

Me and a friend had our first ever online multiplayer game. And it resulted in exact the same manner as described above.

My rat ogre charged a sister of Sigmar(Henchman/Novice) with 5 Offense points and equipped with a shield and knife.

After my first attack in charge that missed she retalieated. No problem.
Then i did my second attack (after chargeattack) and hit her for 50. We expected her to retaliate again, but we both got the messege "Waiting for opponent". After 5minuts we shut down the game.

Worst part is we all got OOA and my friend had 3 deaths and injuries and i had many lost equipment and injuries aswell.

We love this game, but feel we cannot enter another multiplayergame if this is happening as i understand it often. Game is broken with this.

I hope you get this sorted.

Henrik Lennartsson

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