Skirmish launch issue

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Skirmish launch issue

Postby Rogue » 24 March 2016, 00:34

Amongst a group of us playing skirmish, we are seeing an issue with the game match launch.

The game host is able to create the game, set the options and see the other player join. When that player goes Ready, they can Launch and the Now Loading screen comes up. It stays that way for ~10mins before changing to a Defeat screen, although no defeat is recorded.

The game guest can see the game (if public or friends) and join, but can't see the image for the other player (race-based leader image) and all the values for the options are '++value'.

We've had some luck with the guest going Ready (effectively blind to the settings) and the host launching. It takes 5mins or so to load, but the game will sometimes load through successfully and the match will start.

We've tried reinstalling Steam, Mordheim, video drivers. Disabled all firewalls, changed IP addresses, turned off AV clients, etc. Nothing appeared to make any difference.

This has now been ongoing for several days. Please advise if there is additional testing you would like us to do.


Re: Skirmish launch issue

Postby LicensedFool » 10 December 2016, 06:15

I know I'm resurrecting this post from a long dead state but my friend and I are experiencing the problem described problem to the letter. No amount of firewall easing or game cache verifying has helped. Would be nice to at least get some sort of answer as to whether or not this is a known bug.

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