[Bug] warp mist triggers several times

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Myrqaw Aerul

[Bug] warp mist triggers several times

Postby Myrqaw Aerul » 19 March 2016, 08:25


I think the bug was already reported before, but it happened to me yesterday so let's flag it again

I casted Warp Mist, and the opponent failed the poison resistance roll so she took damage.
Then I failed the Curse roll and took Wild Aethyr on my sorcerer: the opponent rolled for poison resistance again ???
Then in the same turn I gathered a wyrdstone, failed the roll, and the opponent rolled again (and failed) ???

So it seems that every time something happens to the sorcerer the turn he casted Warp Mist, the effect of the mist triggers

http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... AD39BB385/

http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 962F4CDB4/

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