Story Quest not appearing on map

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Story Quest not appearing on map

Postby tpin » 17 March 2016, 13:01

Playing as the Possessed, after three battles I get the message about a new mission, (the story mission to attack the temple) but it does not appear on my campaign map. I also do not have the option to do the story mission with the Sisters of Sigmar, maybe the same error has occurred? Is odd as the story mission appears on the map as normal for the mercenaries and skaven. Please help, I really want to do these missions.


Re: Story Quest not appearing on map

Postby Sigmareitz » 05 January 2017, 04:26

Same problem here, story missions just don't appear on map on 2 out of my 3 bands: my rank 7 mercenary band was only able to complete the first quest 4 ranks ago, not a single one more. Any way to fix it?

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