[BUG]Healing circle

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[BUG]Healing circle

Postby Hety » 25 February 2016, 08:10

Does not recieve bonus from devotion mastery passive on SoS leader.
Mastered Healing wind 30% DW chance on Leader with blue sigmarite hammer and mastered Devotion has 21% of DW, while it should be 11. Obviously only basic Devotion bonus is applied to the spell.

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Re: [BUG]Healing circle

Postby Drildgen » 25 February 2016, 15:07

Greetings Hety,

After verification, this is actually not a bug and it can be explained simply by the fact that everyone has a 10% curse chance on spellcasting by default. If you take that into account, then the math makes perfect sense :)

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