Stuck inside a wall

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Stuck inside a wall

Postby Blitzconfusion » 13 February 2016, 18:17

My Darksoul is sandwiched between wall and a Maiden. My other troops are supporting my attempt of spanking her.
The Darksoul lands the killing Blow, and this happens:
Walled in invisible border 2.png
Walled in invisible border.png
Walled in Map 2.png
It appears that after killing the Maiden, the borders of my other close troops suddenly pushed me through the wall.
Alternatively, something fishy is going on with Maiden's circle, as earlier in the game, Maiden Engaged my Brethren (can't remember whether she Charged or not), and on his turn, the Brethren was free to walk away. Could have been the elevation differense, as it happened halfway down the ramp pictured below:
Elevation differences.png

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