new amd bug yaaaay...

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new amd bug yaaaay...

Postby S1lv3r » 25 January 2016, 16:00

the following problem must be a cause of the update i did 1 day ago i mad the worst mistake a gamer can make... upgrading amd drivers, right after the start, the map isnt even loaded yet, the shader suddenly messes up my brightness similar like sweet fx would normally do to a degree but its so crazy my screen goes almost dark check the link for the pics and trust me i try'd disabling the new feature from amd the so called shader-cache

it shows how the loading screen gets affected by some amd shader bug which i havnt even turned on @ my settings and the screen goes basically black even before the loading screen completed. ingame its a nightmare literally the ingame circles all dissappeared and its if i turned my brightness to 5-15

i have not found similar issues in my other games im currently playing but still F*ck Amd m8 :D if

This is how it looks now with amd fcking something up again (im using the r9 series) and down below how it looked before

The latest update fixed my problem thanks i guess
mordheim 2016-01-25 16-40-42.png
mordheim 2016-01-25 16-40-40.jpg

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