[BUG] Can enter but not exist area between units

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[BUG] Can enter but not exist area between units

Postby smarttrigger » 13 January 2016, 00:32

Hi guys,

this time I have a bad one :(.
I discovered it once again while I was recording my next episode for my Skaven Campaign.
When my turn starts I am able to enter the area between 2 allied and 2 enemy units but I am never able to leave it or engage.
That forced me to abandon the game and lose so-so much.

Once again I would like to upload the .log files here but I can't!
You can find them here:
Combat Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/504 ... -01-12.log
Output Log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/504 ... -01-12.txt

You can follow it in my video here:
If you cannot see the video yet. It will be released on 206-01-13 at 03.00 GMT.

This one was super annoying and will keep me from playing for a bit ... :(

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Re: [BUG] Can enter but not exist area between units

Postby drenzul » 13 January 2016, 10:17

I reported exactly the same bug a while back.
It seems to think your guy is standing where he started the round, but is a different guy, so it blocks you like there was an enemy there.

Had this a few times. You can get round it by saving the game then reloading.

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