Ambush mechanic is broken

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Ambush mechanic is broken

Postby Gorkhat » 01 January 2016, 13:40

In a Scavengers mission I had a situation like this

E (enemy captain)

Y (hero behind a wall in ambush mode)
A (archer in overwatch mode)

And then

Y E (hero behind a wall in ambush mode & enemy captain with arrow in the knee)
A (seriously wounded archer)


So the ambush did not get triggered although the enemy captain ran really close to youngblood hero and stopped about one meter in front of him.

Bugs like this need to get fixed ASAP. So please get to it.

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Re: Ambush mechanic is broken

Postby Evan_ » 01 January 2016, 18:38

Ambush doesn't happen on very close ranges. So if you are next to an obstacle, the enemy can just step into your 'close combat' circle. Stand a bit farther.

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Re: Ambush mechanic is broken

Postby Astralwyrm » 01 January 2016, 19:49

Also don't stand next to an open wall at a corner when ambushing. If you do that the enemy or atleast the ai can come around the corner and stop just before your ambush will trigger and charge you. You should ambush at a diagonal so that the ambush line meets the corner like this I< that way the enemy is guarranteed to run into your ambush line before they can charge.

Overwatch can screw with your ambushes sometimes as well if your ambush trigger point and overwatch range meet at more or less the same spot. The enemy will be stopped in charge range by overwatch and then charge rather than be ambushed.

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