Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

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Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

Postby th3swammi » 14 December 2015, 05:32

I'm currently attempting Skaven Mission 2-4, where I need to hunt and kill the manticore. All the other objectives on the mission, and the only remaining task is to slay the manticore. The problem is that there is no manticore. Is there a way to trigger his arrival, as I am not seeing him in the initiative list at all.

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Re: Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

Postby crimsonsun » 15 December 2015, 09:52

hes in the middle but cannot escape as its bound, until you approach it.


Re: Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

Postby th3swammi » 01 January 2016, 18:27

Can you post a screenshot to the area of the map you are reffering to? I swear I've been all over the entire map. If you are referring to the center being the fountain, I've even been inside the rim of it to with no manticore. I'm pretty sure he did not load in and am willing to reset by killing the DP and trying again, but I'm interested to see if the game state is useable for debugging purposes.

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Re: Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

Postby MarshmeLoL » 07 January 2016, 09:25


As one who has finished the skaven campaign, I can advice on this.
To summon the manticore, you need to loot the lure pendant, which is on a corpse. The corpse is inside a ruined circular stone building flooded with poison air (you can see it on the map as well) which is on the right side (east) of the fountain. Be ready for him, as when he lands right near the building, he will debuff all warriors around him with -35% hit chance. To counter poison, use the rod on each of the fighting members. It will provide acid immunity for 9 rounds. he also has close to 3000 HP. Good luck ;)


Re: Skaven Mission 2-4 Unbeatable

Postby TTT » 10 September 2016, 08:36

I took the amulet and nothing happened because my scaven was loaded and had to exchange the amulet for some loot. Afterward scout picked up remaining loot and summoned the manticore. Apparently condition is that the corpse with the amulet should be emptied

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