Death from Smite

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Death from Smite

Postby prag » 13 December 2015, 14:39

I just had a character end up dead after being Smote - from the release patch notes:

"- When a caster suffers from the curse “Smite” or “Tzeentch’s Wrath”, during the next injury roll it can only get one of the following results:

-- Amnesia
-- Trauma
-- Deep Wound
-- Full Recovery
-- Near Death"

Kinda bummed as based on that patch note I cast spells with a "at least I won't die" attitude and now I need to replace a fully trained Impressive Sister. Hope this can be fixed or the notes adjusted.

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Re: Death from Smite

Postby prag » 14 December 2015, 17:06

Frustrating to not get a response but it sounds like there is a fix none the less:

"Fixed an issue were some enchantments were not reapplied on dead unit (making casters who died from the curse potentially die after battle) upon reloading a game"

And I did indeed reload before being smitten.

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Re: Death from Smite

Postby Drildgen » 14 December 2015, 18:39

Hello there prag,

sorry if I didn't answer your first post, I usualy take my time off with my sweetest half during the weekend! Sorry for the inconvenience. As the new patch notes states, there was a bug with reloading games, getting Tzeentch's Wrath after casting, and rolling Death with injuries in the Mission Report screen.

This should no longer be an issue once the next patch hits the live game!

Thanks for your time and sorry again for the troubles this may have caused.
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: Death from Smite

Postby prag » 14 December 2015, 19:36

Thanks for the response! I'm really enjoying this game (although still have my fingers crossed for a better PVP matchmaking system)!

I'm a little salty that I had a character die from spell casting days before the release made that impossible and then I managed to find this bug days before it was fixed too! But that's the way the dice roll sometimes. Certainly does mix things up when one of your best dies!


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