Attacked and killed through a wall

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Attacked and killed through a wall

Postby hamstersandwich » 08 December 2015, 15:36

The 2nd screenshot shows the POV of a henchman who went next after Drogo the marauder. My marauder ended his turn next to a wall in ambush stance, and was then attacked through the wall by and NPC that was 10 metres away according to the map. I tried going to the other side of the wall ( 1st screenshot ) with my mutant, but nobody there. The camera bugged out a bit and panned between party members when it originally happened, then I saw my marauder 10 metres away fighting, then he was back at his original position DEAD, and the attacker was still 10 metres away.
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Re: Attacked and killed through a wall

Postby Drildgen » 09 December 2015, 20:32

Greetings hamstersandwich,

This should no longer happen once the next patch hits. We have found and fixed the issue internally!

Enjoy :)
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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