Multiplayer Bug on Buyer Beware Map

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Multiplayer Bug on Buyer Beware Map

Postby Koops64 » 05 December 2015, 02:06

Hi! Firstly, I really enjoy this game! Great job by the devs. Been playing with a few friends recently online but unfortunately encountered a bug earlier today.

I played as Mercs and my mate played as Cult. What happened was that one of my henchmen ambushed his Chaos Spawn and he returned the attack. At that point, the game froze. We could still move our cameras but the text "Waiting for other player" was displayed on both our screens.

Hope you guys can find a fix for this. As I said - love the game.


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Re: Multiplayer Bug on Buyer Beware Map

Postby Drildgen » 10 January 2016, 22:11

Greetings Koops64,

First of, thanks for reporting this issue. It seems to me that you have encountered a desynchronization between the two players during the Charge event. I have passed along the information to our development team and they will take a look at it.

Best regards,

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