Fairly Major bug (character teleport)

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Fairly Major bug (character teleport)

Postby drenzul » 04 December 2015, 01:48

Ok, fighting along as normal. One of my guys goes to start his turn, he suddenly teleports a small distance, with the movement circle centred on where he was. Trying to return to the initial movement circle was impossible, it was like there was someone still stood there.

This happened to two characters.

Then a third character killed an enemy. When I tried to loot him, he had the same invisible forcefield which prevented me getting close enough to loot.

See screenies of me trying to loot but running into an invisible wall.




In this situation, I was fortunate that it didn't do too much damage other than missing some loot, however it could be much worse, blocking a vital passage or stopping a warrior getting into combat or out of combat.

It looked like the game thought there was still the character standing in his old position or in two positions at the same time, nothing visible, but the distance I could get looked to be fairly exactly the green circle radius from what I could tell.

After three instances in quick succession it seemed to cure itself.
Sorry I didn't think to get the log files, if they persist after multiple battles let me know and I'll grab them tomorrow.

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Re: New(?) Fairly Major bug (screenies included)

Postby Drildgen » 04 December 2015, 15:52

Greetings drenzul,

Thanks for reporting these issues and I will make sure that all the information is transferred to our development team so they can look into it.

Best regards,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: New(?) Fairly Major bug (screenies included)

Postby Twahn » 07 December 2015, 08:09

I experienced this today too. Sorry, no screenshots because I was too lazy at the time.

It was the merchant quarter map where it's kind of split half high ground and half low ground. There's a jump up point to the higher level where my marksman ended his turn (on the jump up point). Next turn he started about half a move away exactly as described above with his starting move point exactly where he used to be and him not able to return there as if an enemy zone of control was there.

I'll take a screenshot of the location next time I get that map in a game.

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Re: New(?) Fairly Major bug (screenies included)

Postby Twahn » 07 December 2015, 08:11

Also, can someone change the title of this thread. I'd read it before so knew it was already reported but took me a while to find it again. :)

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