stuck in "end turn"

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stuck in "end turn"

Postby brehms » 26 November 2015, 21:31

Hello. My game didnt let me use the end turn option, instead it got stuck in the "confirm end turn" step; i was still able to access and change options, but the only way to get the game to continue was to abort mission. I had a team of lvl 10 everything (maybe 2-3 lvl 7-9 among them) with full max tier equip and enchantments, no injuries. now they are all messed up, and i can basically start from scratch. Any ideas what went wrong?

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Re: stuck in "end turn"

Postby Drildgen » 12 December 2015, 06:40

Greetings brehms,

Could you please clarify the following information before I send your issue to the development team? Was it your own end turn that you were stuck on or you were waiting for the enemy's end turn?

Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: stuck in "end turn"

Postby Cunitek » 13 December 2015, 22:45


I encountered the same problem. I am unable to do nothing but abandon the mission. The control buttons/mouse does not respond at all, but main menu and status listing buttons works. It seems that the game is thinking the character is engaged by enemy (it is not, the character is out of range of the enemy) and the character run out of action points when looting, the loot option remains as an active, but does not respond (neither spacebar nor mouse button commands...). Other character just befor this bug was able to execute melee attack on enemy character more than 10 meters away and it claimed as well that this one character is engaged. It happened on my turn. I tried to reload several times and the problem prevails.

Thanks for your help.


Re: stuck in "end turn"

Postby juegos777 » 10 January 2016, 22:02

Same issue as the one I reported really.

P.S. Seems forum doesn't like my email provider and never sends me an activation link regardless how often I request one.

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