Ambush Bug^^

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Ambush Bug^^

Postby Agroah » 21 November 2015, 06:54

i Messed my Brother in a Skirmish Game and at Ravens Barracks on the Highest Bridge i Ambushed my brothers Leader into the Torch Between us .
It was sticking alot after the Stuck he Counter attacked me and it Stuck the entire game ^^

my English s a bit bad Sry about that

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Re: Ambush Bug^^

Postby BBQLord » 01 July 2016, 17:38

Got stuck on a mission. Triggered an ambush from an enemy higher on a staircase.
At first, the enemy was glitched (stepping down a half-step, returning to it's original position, stepping down a half-step, etc.) for half a minute. Than, suddenly, the enemy moved *past* my unit (ignoring two hostile engagement zones it shouldn't be able to go through) and just kept going on forever. It's off-screen now but it didn't attack and so it's still the enemy's turn.

Only buttons that work are "L" for the combat log, "T" for chat and "TAB" for mission parameters.

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Re: Ambush Bug^^

Postby Drildgen » 04 July 2016, 14:09

Thanks for reporting these bugs, we are going to investigate.
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Ambush Bug^^

Postby Roc » 08 January 2017, 08:43

Still bugged... :(

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