Noble's Quarter Map 1 glitch

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Noble's Quarter Map 1 glitch

Postby mesterjoppe » 27 May 2017, 13:28

There's a house on this map where the staircase is blocked by something invisible. See sreenshots for details. It's impossible to move either up or down.

The enemy's last survivor succesfully made his rout check and is stuck on the upper floor. He won't jump down, and I can't get to him through the stairs, which are the only way up. I have no means of damaging him from afar. My entire warband, which is made up of veterans, has made it through the battle unscathed. I would be really fucking annoying if I have to abandon the battle and risk injuries to them just because of this glitch.

Any suggestions?

Screens: ... =933886460 ... =933886409

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