Manticore Flying Away and Never Coming Back

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Manticore Flying Away and Never Coming Back

Postby Phantus » 10 January 2017, 01:13

This seems to a very common bug from my internet search. Mercs Final Mission Act 2-4. Completed all mission objectives with the exception of killing the Manticore. I had the Manticore down to about 500 HP. A few more rounds and it would have been over. I had to save and quit. The turn prior to my save had the Manticore flying away as it does every round but when I loaded the save the Manticore never came back. It wasn't even in the turn bar at the top of screen. It was gone completely and now i just have infinite turns of infinite reinforcements.

Devastating bug considering it's an unwinnable loop, the end of the factions campaign and it takes forever to complete this mission in general (I've previously beat it with the Sisters). It's a game breaking bug that's been around forever. When will it be fixed and what do you suggest in the meantime (console command etc..?) Cheers.


Re: Manticore Flying Away and Never Coming Back

Postby SgtZdog » 15 February 2017, 00:35

Get your Dramatis persona killed is the easiest way to fail a story mission with minimal losses. And yeah, for now don't sit down to this mission until you can do it all at once.

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