PC Online PVP malfunction

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PC Online PVP malfunction

Postby Darkommania » 02 February 2017, 21:49


I try PVP with my bro since 4 month and we never finish a duel.

For some reason, we have 2 different story , if i hit on my screen it's a miss on his screen and the game just block.
I love this game but i realy wish a real fight with any problem.


Re: PC Online PVP malfunction

Postby Sgtzdog » 14 February 2017, 02:00

I'd be interested in hearing a response to this as well. I got a couple of my friends to pick up the game recently and we've had about one match in three desync with it eventually requiring an alt-f4 from someone because our computers are each showing a different characters turn or it's waiting for a counter-attack decision that can't happen (not enough offense points) or some other inconsistency. It's very frustrating to get 20 minutes in and have it crash. It certainly doesn't promote moving from exhibition matches to contest matches.

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