Console D-Sync Issue

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Console D-Sync Issue

Postby Preach » 03 January 2017, 20:17

I run a League on the PS4, and we have had quite a few dSync issues with the game.

Once the Skirmish loads up, the dSync usually occurs within the first turn. This is across all different warbands, and different users in different locations. A handful of our players experience this almost 100% of the time.

The one caveat is that the hard-line guys (those running an ethernet hardline to their console) seem to experience this less, but not 100% less.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions on how to fix this as it makes PvP completely impossible.


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Re: Console D-Sync Issue

Postby JoFro » 04 January 2017, 13:00

I have seen this as well. It is extremely frustrating, as it has happened to me more than once! I don't connect via cable to the PS4, but am quite able to run other games, (with more significant technical demands than Mordheim; not necessarily better games though I will add,) without difficulty however.

Sure the game will give both participants the victory in these circumstances, but that really isn't the point. The game is really great, but this is a massive issue that really does need to be rectified. I would think this is also relevant to the longevity of the game. I love the campaign(s) and solo play, but have had even more fun when playing against other actual human opponents, (when it actually worked.) It is on a completely different level. When it happened to me I, initially, just assumed it was probably my connection or my problem somehow. Now I see I am not on my own it makes me more concerned. I ope that something could be done and would be grateful were that the case.


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