Lost warbands

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The Red Fist

Lost warbands

Postby The Red Fist » 14 October 2016, 11:35

Hi guys,
Has anyone else lost all of their warbands? I have about 120 hours clocked on the game with a few different warbands, started the game up today and I only have the option to start a new game, no option to load or continue. Also to kick me while I'm down, even if I try to start a new game, the warband selection screen comes on, I highlight any of the teams and they do the little celebration cheer, I click on them but nothing happens?!? The little loading comet appears in the corner each time but nothing else........
Anyone who can help, I'll name my new captain after you seeing as I will probably have to start completely fresh......... I blame Tzeentch.

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Re: Lost warbands

Postby Aedan » 14 October 2016, 15:07

I don't know if this will help you or if you already tried this but....

try to verify the integrity of the game cache.

to do it go to your library / right click on Mordheim / properties / go to local file / verify integrity of game files

Steam will check if somethings missing and download it normally.

Hope it help
( I'm French....sorry for my English if it burn you eyes ^^ )

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