Witchunters act 1-4th mission help !!!

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Witchunters act 1-4th mission help !!!

Postby Sigmarssqire » 16 July 2016, 17:23

This is a copy post from steam in order to increase the chances of getting a reply.

Hi guys, me and my friend need your help ! He wanted to recomend me this game as I am an avid warhammer fan, but before any quick decision about buying i wanted to see some actual gameplay, he played as the Witchunters, the gameplay, graphics and overall look and feel of the game are truly great but still i dont want to buy a game if it has bugged missions that prevent beating the story missions,even though i find the game quite nice. My friend played normaly some matches, and one campaing mission on a bridge, but the problem came while he was playing the Barracks mission against Reiklanders who were worshiping Khorne. He finished almost all tasks but cant finish it as he cannot destroy some skull piles that emit some red mist that damages units that move to them, and infinite spawning enemies are chiping his mens health slowly away, i noted down wht he has finished

1 - He killed a Ogre in the dungeon of the barracks
2 - He took some Gryphon sword in the same dungeon
3 - He took some icon of Sigmar from his cart
4 - He killed the Reiklander capitain with a big sword
5 - He took his evil sword
6 - He cleansed an altar of Khorne where the captian was, a ruined tower

The tasks left are to find 1 more source of coruption, he found 1 of 2, and to destroy skull piles, but the problem is he cant, he tried with a normal unit aproaching and atacking, aproaching with the guy that wields the Icon of Sigmar, nope, all of them get poisoned for infinite turns and die, he failed his mision once because the Warrior Priest died. Are the 2 skulls the 2 sources of coruption, also from the entrance of the baracks and on the right is a part of the fort with all of its gates locked down, he tried to enter it but the levers are placed from within, and he cant find ledges to climb up.

If you can lend some help for this issue we would be greatly thankful, the game is nice but i dont want to get a game that has only multiplayer only and issues with the campaing.

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Re: Witchunters act 1-4th mission help !!!

Postby Drildgen » 18 July 2016, 17:28

Greetings Sigmarssquire,

We're going to release a quickfix very soon which should fix this issue. Your friend will have to reload his mission, find the interactive point of the skull pile and interact with it to destroy it. If the goal to "Locate 1 more source of corruption" still needs to be completed, tell him to go back to the other skull pile (that he already had destroyed) to make sure the "Locate" goal has been registered for.

Good luck!
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Re: Witchunters act 1-4th mission help !!!

Postby Lost.... » 09 December 2016, 23:11

it's now December and still not fixed?....there is no interaction point on either skull tower ... if I can't play campaign how do I get my money back.... 40 dollars for a game that won't let you passed level one act 4....smh.

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Re: Witchunters act 1-4th mission help !!!

Postby Jisur » 10 December 2016, 10:53

I did this mission few weeks ago with out difficulties

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