Witch Hunter Warband Name

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Witch Hunter Warband Name

Postby Smokey » 25 June 2016, 12:50

One very small issue I've noticed since downloading the DLC.

After changing the Warband name, via the Y key in Warband management, I've noticed that the original, game assigned name continues to display in the game results screen. As an example after changing the name to, for example, The Order of the Torch, the casualties list will still display Sigmar's Hand on the results screen. Note that the warband name in Warband Management does reflect the changed name.

The original four warbands do not, nor have they, seemed to have this issue.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Re: Witch Hunter Warband Name

Postby Drildgen » 27 June 2016, 14:13

Greetings Smokey,

We are aware of this issue. I cannot give you an ETA on a fix right now as we're currently investigating a severe crash bug that is currently affecting several players. But rest assured that we will try to squeeze in a fix for that issue as soon as we can :)
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