Crash at Launch after the new patch

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Crash at Launch after the new patch

Postby ErfanW » 24 June 2016, 01:16


I used to play this game with no issues about 1-2 months ago.
After I bought and downloaded all the DLCs, now the game crashes during the loading screen with Rogue Factor, Focus and GWS logos.

I did all the following with no results:
Spoiler : :
1 - Validate that your system fits with the game requirements.[/quote]

2 - Verify the integrity of your game cache . Some files may have been corrupted during installation or update. Full steps detailed here: ... -QEUH-3335

3 - Be sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

4 - If you are using a laptop be sure it's using your dedicated GPU. Here is a link that details the whole process: ... -computer-

5 - If you recently updated to Windows 10, make sure your Documents folder is not in read-only. Here's how:
a) Open File Explorer.
b) Right click on 'Documents' under 'Computer' or 'This PC' in the left column and click 'Properties'.
c) Click the tab 'Security' then the button 'Advanced'.
d) Click the button Click 'Add' then click 'Select a principal' from 'Principal:'.
e) Click the button 'Advanced' then the button 'Find Now'.
f) Select your username account under 'Search results:' and click the button 'OK'.
g) Click again the button 'OK'.
h) Check 'Full control' under 'Basic permissions:' and click the button 'OK'.
i) Click again the button 'OK' and again the button 'OK' in order to close the window 'Documents Properties'.

6 - Try forcing the game to run on Lower Settings.
a)Go to MyDocuments/My Games/Mordheim and delete your file.
b) Open your Steam games Library.
c) Find Mordheim: City of the Damned in your Library.
d) Right Click on Mordheim: City of the Damned and select "Properties".
e) In the "General" tab click on "Set Launch Options...."
f) In the textfield add: -lowSettings and then press OK

7 - Be sure that the full path to Mordheim installation folder does NOT contain any special characters (like "=" or "!").

8 - NEW!! If the game was working well prior to an update but crashes and none of the above solution worked for you, you can try to reset the content of Mordheim in the registry.
Open the registry editor (windows + regedit)
Go to Computer/HKEY_USERS/[cyphered name folder]/Software/Rogue Factor.
Then completely delete the Mordheim folder.
And my drivers are up to date.

I'm attaching the required files here, sorry is there is some French in it as my OS is in French.
(28.22 KiB) Downloaded 64 times
(32.95 KiB) Downloaded 65 times

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Re: Crash at Launch after the new patch

Postby Drildgen » 27 June 2016, 14:10

Greetings ErfanW,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware that this currently affects several other players and it is our top priority to fix it. One of our programmers has released a statement on the Steam Forums regarding this specific problem. You can read it by following this link: ... 686698454/

We're sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to be able to fix it as soon as possible.
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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