Visual Artefacts after updating with new DLC 22 June

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Visual Artefacts after updating with new DLC 22 June

Postby D.L » 23 June 2016, 20:22

Hi Mordheim Team,

I have downloaded the latest DLC witch hunters and the game did an upload. All seemed well until I played a mission.

Rank 10 Cult squad in any mission in any quarter.

When deploying squad and I go to the map view when I place way points the marker is invisible but is in the game visible. all warriors are invisible in the map view and visible in game.

I've had one occasion where I was against Skaven and one warrior rat was invisible in the game as well.

There has also been some strange activity from the AI in recent games where they run repeated past a gap without coming through to attack my warriors and just get Overwatched to death. I had a rat stay by their wagon until it was killed with missile fire. Also have you set Skaven to go for Wyrdstone as a priority has I've had two missions where by turn two they have collected all the wyrdstone nodes before I can even reach the nearest one. Also I've had it were I see the wyrdstone disappearing in the distance, the game states the collection but no visible enemy can be seen but the camera pans to the scene as if one of my warriors has seen the enemy.

Please help resolve these issues as they are spoiling the enjoyment of a brilliant game as I'm getting hammered by ghosts and unable to plan strategic action as nothing appears on the map view.



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