Game won't start

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Game won't start

Postby tavmatazz » 23 June 2016, 04:20


Since downloading the most recent quick patch, my game has been crashing before I even load it. No error message or anything. I simply click "play" from the steam library, the game boots up and then stops running. Not really sure what's causing it. I downloaded the Witch Hunter's DLC and patch yesterday with no problems at all.

I've attempted all solutions on the trouble shooting page to no avail. I've sent the two documents your trouble shooting page requests via email. I would post them here as well but I honestly have no idea how to upload docs on your forum. Thanks in advance and let me know if you need anything else.

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Re: Game won't start

Postby Drildgen » 23 June 2016, 13:25

You can add attachments to your forum posts via the bottom section under your text section in the post editor! :)
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