i cant start a Champaign

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i cant start a Champaign

Postby Thartahk » 01 March 2016, 18:53

i have had this game for qute some time and now for some reson after i set my PC up again it refuses to start a champaign i can start up the game and get all the way to the screen where you pick your faction,

after that all i get is the sound of the warband as if i have picked them

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Re: i cant start a Champaign

Postby Morjax » 01 March 2016, 19:52

The make a battle cry when you roll over them, but if I remember right, you still have to click on them, or hit enter or something. When you roll over the warband you want, look in the top left of the screen to see if it gives you any prompt on what to do.

Let us know if you get it figured out!


Re: i cant start a Champaign

Postby Thartahk » 02 March 2016, 08:12

thats what i am talking about is missing i cant do anything outside of haveing them use their battle cry nothing i have hit all the buttons on my keyboard almost since i know that some of them wont work at all

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Re: i cant start a Champaign

Postby Drildgen » 02 March 2016, 14:43

Greetings Thartahk,

Could you please follow this troubleshooting guideline, step by step, and try again to see if the problem still persists afterwards?

Good luck and let us know!
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Re: i cant start a Champaign

Postby Thartahk » 06 March 2016, 10:31

i have fully followed the guidelines and nothing helps i cant start a warband at all so i now currently have a game i just bought the DLC for as well since i enjoy the game and i cant play it at all but like i said my problem is that it wont allow me to start the campaign i get to the screen where i pick a warband and thats it

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