Veteran system reset after blue screen of death

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Veteran system reset after blue screen of death

Postby SimonS » 29 December 2015, 14:32

Hi there

I had a Blue screen of death while I was playing with my merc warband.
When I got back into the game i started to earn previously earned achievements in the veteran system.
I soon found out that I was at veteran level 0 again, but my previously chosen veterean perks were still there.

This is a problem since I believe I will never be able to max my veteran system as it is.
If I remember correctly I owned about 30-40 enchantments at that time which was registered by the veteran system.
Now that they are not they count as 0 enchantments and will never be registered in the veteran system since I cannot 'find' them again.

Hope you can help

I tried to attatch my DXDiag and output log to the body of this post but they contain to many characters.
So if there is an email i can send it to that would be great.


Re: Veteran system reset after blue screen of death

Postby SimonS » 31 December 2015, 14:10

Any help would be appreciated.

I can't hire high level henchmen either because my veteran system has reset.
Also I am getting some extremely hard oppenents. The enemy stuns me a lot more than before the incident.
And I have Force of Will on all of my guys. ( the stun resisance perk ).
Even my leader who has a stun resistance of 89% gets stunned 1 or more times on a regular normal mission.
Allready lost some guys to this.

I am conviced that something has gone wrong with the game.
Where should I send my logs? I can't find any email adresses to send to

Happy new years from Simon

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Re: Veteran system reset after blue screen of death

Postby Drildgen » 04 January 2016, 15:34

Greetings SimonS,

Please check out the following topic as it may contain the troubleshooting information you may need.

Best regards,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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