Mordheim launch crash

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Mordheim launch crash

Postby Myel » 25 December 2015, 00:19

I'm trying to launch the game (yesterday I have launched the game withouth problems) but I have always the same error as follows:

The game crashed.
The crash report folder named "2015-12-25_003034"next to game executable.

How can I solve it?

I have sent my output log and DxDiag via mail as suggested.

pls, let me know.


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Re: Mordheim launch crash

Postby shamadarta » 29 December 2015, 19:55


I had many random crash at game launch too. It happens during introduction's movies.

Do you use Rivatuner tuner statistic or MSI afterburner overlay ? Try disable it ;)

I can play now \o/


Re: Mordheim launch crash

Postby Guest » 04 January 2016, 11:20

First of all: now the game works. :)
I didn't see even the introduction movies! I tried with and without MSI afterburner overlay but nothing changed.
I think that the issue was the ADSL provider, because I was in other house with another provider (Fastweb via fibre) and It didn't work.. while in my house with (Telecom always with fibre) It works well.

Anyway, thanks for your reply :)


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Re: Mordheim launch crash

Postby Drildgen » 04 January 2016, 15:35

Hello guys, glad to see you managed to find a fix for your issues :)
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Mordheim launch crash

Postby joeloup » 19 March 2016, 18:57

Thank your for this MSI Afterburner was the problem for me too ! now it works !!!!!!!

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