Location change and time warp

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Location change and time warp

Postby Relic » 24 December 2015, 01:51

Hi all, I keep experiencing an odd issue that is similar to a movement hack, except I didn't do any hacking, but sometimes, by changing the camera angle, my character would suddenly appear else where on the map. I use a controller to play. Example was today, had my merc mage picked up a treasure chest, then move the camera angle to go to his next position, the whole war band was on the top right side of the map, suddenly he is standing in mid air, on the far top left side! I had to exit the game by killing the exe, then reloaded for him to be back in the correct area.

I have also had a probably related issue, my henchman's turn came up, he ran up into a target, did his two hits, then next up was my champion, who then ran up to the same target and did his 4 hits, next thing I know the henchman was back on his starting position instead of touching the base of the target, but his turn was skipped(well not skipped, but as if he never moved), the damage he did on the target is still reflected upon.

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Re: Location change and time warp

Postby Astralwyrm » 24 December 2015, 02:17

Best thing you can do in these instances is to take a screenshot and map shot for reporting the bug. That way the dev team can weed out the cause and fix it. I've reported two instances of location changing so they are aware of that issue.

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Re: Location change and time warp

Postby Drildgen » 04 January 2016, 15:11

Greetings Relic,

As Astralwyrm said, the best thing you could do to help us find such issues would be to post screenshots/videos of your whereabouts while playing on the map on which it happened. Also, try to take a Screenshot from the Overview/Strategy map.

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