Blue Screen Crash after update hit.

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Blue Screen Crash after update hit.

Postby dka721 » 06 December 2015, 04:36

Starting on the dec.3 after i updated to the latest patch I have started to get blue screen crashes while playing Mordheim. I have also noticed Visual artifacts, parts of the map not rending properly and showing up in bright pink.
I also have the dxdiag file and the output log but I'm not sure how to post or where to send it too. or if you need the dxdiag 32 bit or 64 bit.

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Re: Blue Screen Crash after update hit.

Postby Drildgen » 08 December 2015, 20:54

Greetings dka721,

We have fixed this issue internally and should be fixed for next patch :)

Thanks for reporting it!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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