Systematic crash on launch

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Systematic crash on launch

Postby LDiCesare » 28 November 2015, 10:31

I found the game was slow so I decided to lower visual options. I saved and quit. When I reached the Main Screen, I alt-F4'd to get out of theresince it takes forever and a half to exit by other means.
Now game cannot start at all.
2 crash dump directories here:
Note that I started the exe directly, not going through steam. It used to work. I then started from steam and it seems working, but it's a pain as I want a shortcut and don't like to have steam running all the time.

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Re: Systematic crash on launch

Postby Drildgen » 30 November 2015, 18:44

Greetings LDiCesare,

It is very unfortunate that you are having issues launching the game. I would recommend you to follow these troubleshooting guidelines from the Technical Support forums. Here's the link:


Hopefully this will help,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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