READ FIRST - How to report Technical Issues

Basic information about troubleshooting problems that you could encounter while playing the game.
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READ FIRST - How to report Technical Issues

Postby Drildgen » 26 November 2015, 19:30

Hello everyone,

This section is only if you have issues with the game that can be related to your drivers/hardware.

The following issues should be reported here:

CTD (Crash to desktop)
  • The game exits unexpectedly with an error on screen and/or in the logs.
  • The game closes itself (eg. Blue Screen of Death)
  • Your computer freezes and you can only reboot your computer or close the game with Alt-F4.
Visual Artefacts
  • The game display weird visual artefacts such as use white or black squares, distorted colors, etc.
Game never launches
  • An error occurs when you try to launch the game.

How to post:
  • Step 1: Create a new topic with the proper title explaining your issue.
  • Step 2: Add as much information as possible in the body of your post (attaching your DXDiag to your post will often help us identify the issues)
  • Step 3: Let us know how often this issue occurs.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

-The Rogue Factor Team
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