Release Notes - Patch #4

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Release Notes - Patch #4

Postby Drildgen » 16 February 2016, 15:58

Hello Everyone,

Today we are proud to release the 4th patch (v1.1.4.13) for Mordheim: City of the Damned.

We hope you will enjoy these improvements, and look forward to seeing you fight in the dark streets of Mordheim: City of the Damned.

New Content
  • Each Library teleporter now have 2 exits. Thus, if one exit is blocked for any reason the next warrior going through will be able to get out at the second exit of the teleporters in the same area (It seems we Forgot this from an old Patch Note)
  • More Reserves Slots have been unlocked based on your Warband Rank as follow:
    • Rank 0 = stays at 3
    • Rank 1 = increases from 3 to 4
    • Rank 2 = increases from 3 to 4
    • Rank 3 = increases from 4 to 5
    • Rank 4 = increases from 4 to 5
    • Rank 5 = increases from 4 to 6
    • Rank 6 = increases from 5 to 6
    • Rank 7 = increases from 5 to 7
    • Rank 8 = increases from 5 to 7
    • Rank 9 = increases from 6 to 8
    • Rank 10 = increases from 6 to 8
  • Failing a Climb will now provide a buff called “Known Path” increasing the chance of climbing at this spot by 10%. If the character moves, the buff is removed.
  • Poison Wind Globadier now also have access to the following Skills:
    • Warp Poison
    • Numbing Poison
    • Poison Expert
    • Swarm
  • Smuggler now also have access to the following Skills:
    • Tactician
    • Sniper Shot
    • Combat Expertise
    • Flawless Positioning
  • Added subtitles to introduction video
  • Added virtual keyboard in "Big Picture" mode
  • Implemented a new shop refresh cycle to prevent the list of items from lagging
General Changes
  • RNG: we made some small tweak to the algorithm in hope it’ll yield better results
  • Mutations for the Chaos Warbands are now gained at (this effect is retroactive):
    • Rank 1
    • Rank 4
    • Rank 7
  • Stun effects now properly remove all Stances
Skills Changes
  • Riposte Stance: Now provides 2 Parry attempts for the Mastery Version
  • White Powder Trap: now useable only once per turn
  • Wyrdstone Lure: now useable only once per turn
  • Liquid Courage: duration has been increased to 2 turns
  • The following skills triggering on Wyrdstone Pick Up got their duration increased to 2 turns instead of 1:
    • Warp Rage – Verminkin initial skill
    • In and Out – Smuggler trainable skill
    • Warp Rush – Globadier trainable skill
    • Shadow Lord’s Touch – Mutant initial skill
    • Warp Resonance – Eshin Sorcerer intial skill
    • Veil of Corruption – Magister trainable spell
    • Repentance – Sister initial skill
  • Fixed loading issues with some of the savegames created while in a mission
  • Fixed the Hideout Tutorials which were losing focus sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where a Warrior put out of action by a trap would spawn 2 loot bags instead of just one
  • Fixed an issue with the shop buy/sell pop-up missing price
  • Fixed collision issues with multiple buildings on procedural maps
  • Fixed an issue where chest would open when a trap was placed close to them
  • Fixed an issue freezing the game when a Warrior was placing a trap after opening a chest
  • Fixed an issue where projectile were not visible while the Warrior was performing a throw action
  • Fixed the issue with the Skaven throwing animation
  • Extended some sequences to avoid the AI from skipping its attack animations
  • Fixed multiple localization issues in different languages

How to help us
If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the thread "READ FIRST - Problems loading/launching the game", and the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.

If you experience a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the Bug report section, and also send your output log and a copy of your combat log, found in your Steam install directory:
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\combat.log

Email these logs to logs at and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

We hope you enjoy this patch. Feel free to check the forums regularly to get information on what's coming next to Mordheim: City of the Damned
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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