Update from Rogue Factor - October 2016

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Update from Rogue Factor - October 2016

Postby Drildgen » 30 September 2016, 15:02

Hi guys,

We know that it's been awhile since we last posted here. The last weeks have been quite busy. It's difficult for us to share more details at this moment but you'll be able to understand soon. Be assured, some positive news are coming!

But for the time being, we can share with you a glimpse of the upcoming patch for Mordheim! Here are the details:
  • Hired Sword rotation: it has been adjusted to have a better balance between Leader, Hero, Henchman and Impressive warriors. This should ensure that there is at least one of each type available after a rotation the majority of the time. This will start to take effect on your next Hired Sword rotation
  • Starting higher warbands: after reaching Veteran Rank 5, when starting a new Warband you will be prompted with a window that will allow you to start the new warband either Rank 0 or Rank 5. Starting Rank 5 provides you with all the benefits unlocked at this Rank such as being able to hire every type of warrior for the warband and having more reserve slots unlocked. This doesn’t provide any other benefit such as extra gold or equipment.
  • Accelerate AI Turns: this is a new option that can be turned on in the Gameplay section of the Options menu. It has 2 purpose:
    • Accelerate Player Turns by 15% (movement, animations, etc.)
    • Accelerate AI movement and athletic actions taken by 50% during AI turns
    • This is only valid while playing against the CPU (never against another Player)
We’ll be able to tell you more soon!
Thanks for your patience,

Rogue Factor

PS: a special thanks to all of our veteran Players who took care of the new comers and keep on posting on the forums! Much appreciated! :D
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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