Co-op and some suggestions.

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Co-op and some suggestions.

Postby pincket » 06 March 2017, 00:23

In for a long post, so here is what i am going to talk about:

1) Co op and why it is a must.
2) Difficulty suggestions
3) Playable characters or ideas for the future.

1) Co op and why it is a must:

So far i have played and enjoyed the game solo, but as it has been suggested many times, why is there no co-op in this game?
I understand it might have some programming issues and that maps arent designed around very large armies, okay i understand this. But why not do like many other games, just cut the armies in half, let each have their own "small" army and be able to help out the other guy in his campaign and vice versa.

Leveling new characters? Here you go, instead of hiding them and letting them last hit stuff, level up a new warband or new recruits for your big warband like this, enjoy seeing the other campaigns without having to level a new race warband all on your own.

I have at least 4 friends who did not buy this awesome game simply because there was no way to play with each other, or against each other (2vs2 etc).
Check the steam forums, every X post there is a guy "is there any co op?" "no" "ah okay nm then..."

While i do enjoy pvp, even if there are no mentionable rewards, i do enjoy a good AI stomping with my friends, and im sure the game would sell alot better if you promote people playing with each other or at least give them the choice to do so.

Lore wise? Having good warbands with evil ones, you might want to seperate them if you really want to stick with it, but im sure even tzeentch would have plans for an ordinary mercenary warband that might serve their purpose, or who knows they might be tainted, if you want to swing it that way. But the possibility for co op really NEEDS to be in this game.

2) difficulty suggestions:

I for one have no problems with the difficulty as it is now, even it might seem a bit too easy at times once you figure out the AI and once you know which skills really complete with one another.

BUT, here is the thing, most people want things thrown into their laps, wait, let me finish. But we also want to be rewarded with hard work. Simple solution to this one. If you can implement deadly etc, why not easy or very easy missions? And let them have the loot and xp based on that difficulty.
This really shouldnt be a problem, and alot less people would be frustrated with learning the game, trying out really nonsense skills stuck together, and have them learn the game at their own pase, because im sure alot of people dont buy this game or stop playing it with pre knowledge to the warhammer universe in a whole because they find the difficulty too frustrating (which is more people than you would imagine unfortunately.)

Once again i am no programmer, but as it sits now, higher difficulty adds more hp and damage, why not do the reverse for easy and very easy? They will progress slower, have less loot etc, but at least they will have fun from the get go instead of dying every round. Also maybe implement impossible missions, where there is an insane amount of loot and xp to be gathered, but possibly wiping out even the most experienced warband in the progress, for us who want more of a challenge (not counting in pvp).

Or a map where you have to fight demons in masse, to uncover hidden artifacts of old, and give alot of xp and shinies, maybe some special items or enchants no other map or difficulty can let you have.

The reason i brought this up is just for the sole purpose of inviting a larger player base into this game so you would have more funding to make a better more awesome game or improve this one, more money = more options.

3) playable characters or ideas for the future

I am a huge warhammer fan, yet not so much of the mordheim franchise. I know lore wise there might be some conflict (or not) but why not add the things that make warhammer badass, like having a chaos warrior in full plate (maybe as an irregular, some choice for those who dont like the random mutation and want something that can actually walk inside buildings). Some "flavor" of the dark gods, bonuses for your patron etc

Same for the "good" side, why no bright wizard instead of just a melee killing machine who cant reach rats sitting inside a building?

Maybe for another game, stick to the warhammer universe itself, and let us play with the "cool" guys instead of the rag tag scavengers that run around in mordheim, i know this is the purpose of the game, them scavinging for warpstone, but still.

More objectives, imagine this game having chosen battling it out vs knights or priests in full plate amor, battling not just for some waprstone, but for a castle, capturing their wagon or objective. A difficult boss fight where the diversity of your warband plays a huge role, defend people, attack citizens (kill x in this much time while the other warband tries to prevent you from doing so). So many ideas instead of just the regular, haul warpstone, get some loot, rinse and repeat. Maybe make some of the "optional" objectives in the game the main ones.

Anyways, this is where i end my rant, i believe this game is really good and one of my favorites, but it could of been so much more with just a few simple adjustments (CO OP!!!!) This is the day and age of internet multiplayer games, single is always okay, but the option to play with friends is just so much more when it could so easily be fixed.

Feel free to give any feedback or reasons why "x or y" is a bad idea and i really hope one of the devs reads my post.
Thank you for reading this and sitting this one through.

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