Ranged attacks never hit

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Ranged attacks never hit

Postby BigBallinBagel » 08 February 2017, 02:01

This is not an exaggeration, I have finished two missions and not a single ranged attack has hit. Is this a bug or is this game just shitty?
Is there a point in bringing ranged units at all? What the hell is the good of a ranged attack if it literally cannot hit a target under any circumstances?


Re: Ranged attacks never hit

Postby Mekren » 14 February 2017, 15:49

Things to know about ranged attacks :

1 - they hit standart against an non-engaged enemy.
2 - they take a 30% penalty to hit people engaged in combat.
3 - they take another penalty if the target is behind some sort of cover or is hugging a wall closely.

So basically, you want to catch people off-guard in the open to make the most of it. BUT you can improve your chances in many ways.

1 - taking a position higher than the target gives you overhead bonus, +10% chances to hit (and some skills help you further for that)
2 - you can aim your shot for 2 SP, for +20% chances to hit (again, some skills help you further).
3 - you are heavily dependent of your ballistic skill since a lot of things go in the way of your hit chances, which means you basically have to be a dedicated range fighter to work. Just pump that stat.

To sum it up : a ranged fighter needs to position over his target, in a safe spot from where he doesn't need to move in order to reload and aim his shots in the same turn. Skills reducing consumption of SP on reload, better aimed shots etc... Are hard to avoid, which means you'll have at least some skills dedicated to shooting ; and you need ballistic skill. So, no fighter suceptible to engage in melee should use ranged weapons on a regular basis, keep it for dedicated archers and mages (if you want to bother sacrificing one or two skills to make them decent at that secondary job). When using ranged units, you NEED to plan positioning of your whole warband before assault so they can get their shots in before the impact and stay useful from where they are afterwards.

If you do so, they ROCK. Don't hope them to be really good before starting to level up seriously though, they are heavy on SP consumption and need those skills to make the most of it. Level 3 is a good start but things start to really shine after reaching level 5 and more.

I personnaly dislike shooty henchmen, tried it on the skaven and it just wasn't worth the effort compared to a warpguard. Dedicated night runner with poisons and shurikens works wonders, eshin sorc deliverling fire support with pistols as a secondary role packs a good punch and the pair proves really reliable. Not to mention globadier and his incredible starting ballistic skill.

PS : for skaven, that +10% chances to hit on shurikens (standart) just makes your life so much easier. Try it out if you like rats.

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