Does anyone play on PS4?

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Does anyone play on PS4?

Postby Mystickel » 04 January 2017, 23:07

I have never seen anyone in the skirmish mode since I got the game on release day??? If anyone wants to play send a friend request to Mystickel...

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Re: Does anyone play on PS4?

Postby Preach » 05 January 2017, 15:43


I run a PS4 Mordheim League if you are interested.

You can also join us on discord to chat and find a skirmish:

Hope to see you there!!!


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Re: Does anyone play on PS4?

Postby JoFro » 05 January 2017, 15:51

I can verify that it is a great league as well.. But people also play informally etc. I would heartily recommend getting involved and checking out the website. I am not near my PS4 at the time of writing this message but shall hope to send you a friend request later. My PSN name is: Josiah_Frost , if you wanted to hit me up.

We also have a discord channel accessible, as preach noted. There you can instantly contact people who are actively playing Mordheim on the PS4.

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