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Talk of workshop/mods

Postby Enthused Nudist » 31 December 2016, 00:13

Hey, I'm new to Mordheim and I know there's been talk of eventually releasing modding tools and such, but I just wanted to maybe revisit this topic on the forum.

As it stands a lot of my favorite games have a very active modding community, and I was thinking of how much the game itself might benefit from some talented modders. Games like FO4 or Skyrim, which have benefited immensely and are still attracting an audience years after release.

On a personal note, I do quite enjoy this game, but it's over a year old now, and my initial thought upon first buying it was that it was starting to look a little dated. Not that it has detracted from my enjoyment of the game (I literally clocked 60 hours in 3-4 days), but I think Mordheim could benefit from some small aesthetic changes. I use HD mods for almost every game I play. There's obviously a ton of stuff that could ultimately benefit the game, and I don't wanna go too off-topic.

I just wanna point out that adding moddability to a game often keeps it viable for years after release, and I don't wanna be presumptuous or anything, but I think a lot of us would enjoy this game even more if they were available to the general public. For me I would've never considered buying older games like Mount and Blade or TW: Empire if there hadn't been mods for them (and I did buy them years after release). Again, I still love the game. 60+ hours alrdy. Just wanted to open this up for discussion and see if there's a possibility of getting some mods

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