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Official Wiki Updated

Postby Kratkin » 14 December 2016, 01:11

Hi all

The 'Gameplay Mechanics' section of the wiki has had a massive rewrite and now should be far more comprehensive as a guide for players. I've tried to ensure that everything that a newcomer (or in fact an existing vaguely competent player like myself!) might need to know is covered but I have no doubt that I will have missed something somewhere. The pages are detailed but I've included images where appropriate in order to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Please come along and have a look - If you spot an error or have something to add, go forth and edit!

If anyone has any suggestions for further improvements, give me a shout or drop a message on the Wiki:Admin Noticeboard.

Hopefully this will help newer players get more out of their Mordheim experience!
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