How to make game for myself harder

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Re: How to make game for myself harder

Postby Tirisfal » 07 December 2016, 11:14

I believe the Deadly Challenge will indeed get more difficult, because it scales as a percent of your warband rating, so the gap will grow larger as you level up. At deadly, the AI gets something like a 45% health and damage boost. +45% of 300 adds up faster than +45% of 100... ;)
Well yeah - that might be right. The problem however is that if you think about it like that it means that I'm not punished by loses.... I'm actually rewarded if you think about it that way since my warband is now weaker, my units rating drops and so deadly get.... well less deadly :).

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Re: How to make game for myself harder

Postby Expalphalog » 17 December 2016, 23:49

I've decided to start playing "fluffy" to increase the challenge. Warbands are not allowed to do anything that they wouldn't do in real life.

Example: My next play through will be Sisters. I have enacted the following fluff restrictions:

1) No selling wyrdstone to the optional factions. It is evil stuff that belongs in the Abbey.

2) No potions of any sort. Alchemy is witchcraft.

3) Augur must be included on every mission - they are blessed by Sigmar and it is His will.

Every warband would have their own set of rules based on the fluff so it would add a little more variety in addition to difficulty.

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