Let me get this straight...

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Let me get this straight...

Postby Moxin2014 » 16 November 2016, 15:43

So, we get The doom weaver and thats it, but the AI gets access to smuggler, wolf priest, and globodier... These are all planned dlc thats obviously in the game... why can we not buy them? Where is the Undead? This company is about to lose a lot of players because this lack of communication is ticking people off. Im about to walk. Not to mention the PC gets bundles of doom weaver and wolf priest for 2.99 and we are stuck so far paying 1.99 just for doom priest.

Can console players get some answers? Or do we need to blow up social media with how crappy your game is?

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Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby secrecy274 » 16 November 2016, 17:49

So basically you're trying to blackmail them. Shame on you. The game is far from "crappy", in fact it's the only game that keep my interest. The rest will arrive in due time, so calm down.


Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby Moxin2014 » 16 November 2016, 18:28

I'm not black mailing... What i am saying is tons of people are getting ticked at this game because they say one thing and yet it hasn't happened. I am also simply saying can we get a response or do we need to flood social media over and over and over with the questions until we can be such a nuisance to get a response. I enjoy the game a lot, but with a game as harsh as this is, getting beat on by stuff you can't use yourself is turning people off. I have two large play groups and want this game to go further, but console gamers are notorious to getting bored and leaving especially if they get no news on whats going on. Even if they would say hey there were some problems we are delaying it, fine say that. Right now though we get nothing they see the forums as dead and are figuring the game is dead and going to move on.

Alas though just another company that has a good game but really cater to pc and throw console gamers to side and use them for a quick money grab.

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Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby Expalphalog » 17 November 2016, 00:18

Let me get this straight... you think throwing a tantrum is the proper method to get what you want?


Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby Moxin2014 » 17 November 2016, 11:55

Well asking did absolutely nothing lol, move on to the next.


Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby madmanrf » 18 November 2016, 08:37

Give me all DLC for ~$20 and I'll be okay. Don't nickel and dime me for this and that. ...and I want it yesterday. :)


Re: Let me get this straight...

Postby Guest » 20 November 2016, 14:31

Given that the other mercenaries are in the game, just inaccessible for the player, is rather puzzling, and does beg the question why they couldn't just have all been made available at once.

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