Post #10 - Dramatis reveal!

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Post #10 - Dramatis reveal!

Postby Drildgen » 24 October 2016, 15:04

We kept the most fearsome character for last. Meet the terrifying Baroness Katherina von Dernsbach!

I can sense your suspicion of me. It is true that I once served Queen Neferata, but it is in the halls of Drakenhof that my loyalty is now bound. Do you see this ring? It is Count Vlad's token, his sign that Baroness Katherina von Dernsbach is his vassal and agent. Beware, for I am his eyes and ears in Mordheim. What I learn, the master will know.
08_Dramatis_01x copie.png
Equipment Set:
  • Main hand: Sword
  • Off hand: Nothing
  • Unwavering: Immune to All Alone, Fear, and Terror tests.
  • Immunity: Poison: Immune to Poison effects.
  • Arcane Spellcaster: Allows the casting of Arcane spells. Casting may result in ill effects named Tzeentch's Curse.
Initial Skills and Spells:
  • Active 1 - Life Stealer
    • Target: Single enemy
    • Effect: Deals 12-16 damage. Bypasses Armour Absorption. If damage is dealt, restores up to 8 wounds to the caster.
  • Active 2 – Call of Vanhel
    • Target: Single Ally.
    • Effect: Increases Movement by 2 meters and Armour Absorption by 15% for Zombies. Increases Initiative by 10 and Dodge chance by 10% for Vampires, Vampire Thralls, Ghouls, and Crypt Horrors. Not Stackable. Does not affect Living targets.
  • Passive 1 - Channeling Mastery
    • Effect: Reduces the chance to trigger a Tzeentch curse by 15% when casting a spell.
  • Passive 2 - Improved Casting
    • Effect: Reduces the chance of enemies to resist your spells by 15%.
  • Passive 3 - Body Reconstruction
    • Effect: Increases Critical Resistance by |10|%.
  • Passive 4 – Terror
    • Effect: Enemies who engage or start the turn engaged with the user must perform a Terror test. Failing the test reduces maximum Offense and Strategy Points by 3. The debuff persists until passing a Terror test on turn start. Passing any Terror test will grant immunity to Terror for 2 turns.
08_Dramatis_02x copie.png
Unique Skills and Spells:
  • Tomb Skin:
    • Target: Self and Undead allies within a 5 meter radius
    • Effect: Increases Melee and Ranged Resistance by 20% for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
  • Dance with Death:
    • Target: Single Living ally
    • Effect: Grants immunity to All Alone, Fear, Terror, and Poison effects for 3 turns. Not Stackable.
  • Vanhel's Touch:
    • Target: Single Undead ally
    • Effect: Restores up to 30 wounds.

It’s time to sharpen your blade and fill your quiver because tomorrow, the Undead will be unleashed upon Mordheim: City of the Damned!

We’ll see you on the streets; scavenging Wyrdstone and spreading destruction!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Post #10 - Dramatis reveal!

Postby angellily » 09 January 2017, 12:51

i am guest here.

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