Just bought on xbox - my requests

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Just bought on xbox - my requests

Postby Grimhope » 20 October 2016, 16:30

So guys i backed this the day it went in pre play via steam. Tried to play and never turned on. Since then i thought hell i kicked my pc to death so lets see if it got better?

Short hand is yes i love it but some items that would be great..

First off a hud exclusion zone for aspect ratio as theres a massivr issue of the important into being cut off around the screen? No tv settings fox this so a setup on startup would be great.

The appearances are for lack of better words dissapointing ie armour styles. Faces. Skin tone on all models.

I keep hearing about campaign mode. Is this on xbox?

No controller layout guide that i can see?

Please move or have a name confirmation on the xbox for firing a ganger.. too easy to fire a guy accidentally while tabbing through skilling up your guys..

My mutant had clawed feet wirh extra limb axe a slicer muttion.. before i knew it i had fired him?? A simple kill confirm isnt enough. Maybe put it on the ability page instead?

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