Post #7 - Necromancer reveal!

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Post #7 - Necromancer reveal!

Postby Drildgen » 19 October 2016, 15:05

As we continue our reveal of the Undead Warband, let us introduce the cold, somber Necromancer!

When the thirst for power or fear of death twists the mind of a wizard it can lead him to study the black art of necromancy. A necromancer's magic is focused upon two effects: the destruction of life and the usurpation of death. Their spells can wither a warrior in his prime or restore animation to a corpse in its grave. Many of these men have been drawn into the service of the von Carsteins, enjoying the protection of the vampires against the Witch Hunters who would see them destroyed.
06_Necromancer_01x copie.png
Initial Weapon Set:
  • Set 1: Staff
  • Set 2: Nothing
Equipment Proficiency:
  • Melee: Axe, Dagger, Halberd, Hammer, Mace, Spear, Staff, Sword, Great Axe, Great Hammer, Great Sword.
  • Range: Bow, Longbow, Short bow.
  • Armours: Helmet, Shield, Cloth Armour, Light Armour, Heavy Armour, Pendant, Amulet.
  • Arcane spellcaster: Allows the casting of Arcane spells. Casting may result in ill effects named Tzeentch's Curse.
  • Born Leader: Can buy the 'Born Leader' skill.
Initial Spell:
  • Rotten Touch
    • Target: Single enemy
    • Effect: Deals 8-13 damage to living targets. Bypasses Armor Absorption. Damage is increased by Disease Carrier debuffs.
    06_Necromancer_02x copie.png
    Initial Skills:
    • Warp Attunement: After gathering a Wyrdstone, decreases Spellcasting cost of the next spell by 1 OP and Tzeentch's curse chance by 10%. The next action taken must be a spell or the effect is lost.
    Potential Spells:
    • Call of Vanhel
      • Target: Single Ally
      • Effect: Increases Movement by 2 meters and Armour Absorption by 15% for Zombies. Increases Initiative by 10 and Dodge chance by 10% for Vampires, Vampire Thralls, Ghouls, and Crypt Horrors. Not Stackable. Does not affect Living targets.
    • Lifestealer
      • Target: Single enemy
      • Effect: Deals 12-16 damage. Bypasses Armour Absorption. If damage is dealt, restores up to 8 wounds to the caster.
    • Corpse Flesh
      • Target: Single ally
      • Effect: Increases Critical and Poison Resistance by 15% and Armour Absorption by 5%. Not Stackable.
    • Idol of Death
      • Target: Living enemies within a 5 meter radius of the idol
      • Effect: Summons an idol at target area. Living enemies near the totem have their All Alone, Fear and Terror resistance reduced by 15%, Morale impact increased by 2 and the cost of Flee and Disengage increased by 1 SP.
    • Spell of Doom
      • Target: Enemies within a 10 meter radius.
      • Effect: Deals 7-12 damage. Bypasses Armour Absorption.
    • Warp Overcharge
      • Target: Single enemy
      • Effect: Applies a debuff that deals 30-35 damage on the target's second turn, but has no effect on the first turn. Gathering a Wyrdstone removes the debuff. Not Stackable.
    • Heart Failure
      • Target: Everyone within a 5 meter radius.
      • Effect: When performing a melee attack or an Athletic action, receive a 25% chance to lose 2 OP and SP. Affects only living targets. Not Stackable.

Next post tomorrow, stay tuned!

Invade the streets of Mordheim with the Undead Warband DLC, coming late October!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: Post #7 - Necromancer reveal!

Postby Jisur » 19 October 2016, 17:44

Great work. This warbands seems to bring yet another hook to the game, can't wait to try it out. :D

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