Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

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Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

Postby Netheos » 18 October 2016, 15:12

Our next unit is the fierce and agile Vampire Thrall.

A vampire's most devoted servants are those who have been subdued by his charms and seduced by his hypnotic power. These thralls are newly-made undead, drained of life by the vampire to which they are devoted. Although lacking the full extent of their sire's powers, a thrall is a formidable fighter with a strength and agility few mortals can match.
05_Thrall_02x copie.png
Initial Weapon Set:
  • Set 1: Halberd
  • Set 2: Set 2: N/A
Equipment Proficiency:
  • Melee: Axe, Dagger, Halberd, Hammer, Mace, Spear, Sword, Great Axe, Great Hammer, Great Sword.
  • Range: Bow, Longbow, Short bow.
  • Armours: Helmet, Shield, Cloth Armour, Light Armour, Heavy Armour, Pendant, Amulet.
05_Thrall_01x copie.png
  • Unwavering: Immune to All Alone, Fear, and Terror tests.
  • Immunity - Poison: Immune to Poison effects.
Initial skills:
  • Fear: Enemies who engage or start the turn engaged with the user must perform a Fear test. Failing the test reduces melee Hit chance by 30%. The debuff persists until passing a Fear test on turn start. Passing any Fear test will grant immunity to Fear for 2 turns.
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Re: Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

Postby Smokey » 18 October 2016, 20:32

The thrall is female? A nice touch!

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Re: Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

Postby backrow » 18 October 2016, 23:42

looking great! a female vamp fits greatly.

Prince Tiamath

Re: Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

Postby Prince Tiamath » 19 October 2016, 15:01

I think there should be a choice between male and female

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Re: Post #6 - Vampire Thrall Reveal!

Postby Echtel » 21 October 2016, 06:58

I think there should be a choice between male and female
Well, generally more freedom on single character customization is what this game lacks IMO. Being able to choose different head models for example would be a great addition I think. As for male\female option on some of the classes (on others it would be absurd), I'm afraid that would be way more complicated sadly :(

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