Post #5 - Ghoul reveal!

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Post #5 - Ghoul reveal!

Postby Netheos » 17 October 2016, 15:05

Today’s special is a foul, wretched creature: The Ghoul.

Ghouls are the descendants of evil and insane men who ate the flesh of the dead. When the lean and hungry times of famine come upon the Old World, the most depraved and destitute took to feasting on corpses to survive. Driven by their unspeakable craving for the meat of their fellow men, these creatures have given up their human life and dwell near graveyards, crypts and tombs, digging up the rotting corpses of the recently buried and consuming the cold flesh with their bare teeth and claws.

The destruction of Mordheim attracted many Ghoul clans from the north, and now they have taken up permanent residence in the crypts and cemeteries of the ruined city.
04_Ghoul_01x copie.png
Initial Weapon Set:
  • Set 1: Axe
  • Set 2: Set 2: N/A
Equipment Proficiency:
  • Melee: Axe, Dagger, Hammer, Mace, Spear, Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Hammer.
  • Range: None.
  • Armours: Cloth Armour
04_Ghoul_02x copie.png
  • Unwavering: Immune to All Alone, Fear, and Terror tests.
  • Last stand: Always fights to the death. Prevents the use of Flee and Disengage actions. Immune to All Alone.
  • Feral: This warrior can't use consumables in combat.
  • No talent: Cannot buy the 'Lad’s Got Galent' skill.
Initial skills:
  • Disease Carrier: On melee damage, inflicts a random poison debuff from the following: -5 Initiative, OR -3% Critical Resistance, OR -3% Dodge and Parry chance. All debuffs are stackable, last 3 turns, and increase Damage received from the spell Hand of Dust by 3%.
Next post tomorrow, stay tuned!

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Re: Post #5 - Ghoul reveal!

Postby Arganan » 17 October 2016, 16:23

There are difference between the steam post and here. In stea the goul dont have "no-talent" I got confused -.-

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