Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

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Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Drildgen » 12 October 2016, 15:06

The Undead Warband is slowly creeping towards us! Today we’re delighted to showcase the Warband Leader: The Vampire.

Among the most fearsome creatures that have been drawn to the ruins of Mordheim are the vampires that lead Undead warbands. Ruthless, intelligent and endowed with strength to rival that of an Ogre, they enjoy greater versatility and independence than other undead. They are the Aristocracy of the Night, viewing mortals as either slaves or prey. Their dark powers are dedicated to serving Count Vlad.
01_Vampire_01x copie.png
Initial Weapon Set:
  • Set 1: Spear & Shield
  • Set 2: Nothing
Equipment Proficiency:
  • Melee: Axe, Dagger, Halberd, Hammer, Mace, Spear, Sword, Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Hammer, Two-Handed Sword.
  • Range: Bow, Longbow, Short bow.
  • Armours: Helmet, Shield, Light Armour, Heavy Armour.
01_Vampire_02x copie.png
  • Unwavering: Immune to All Alone, Fear, and Terror tests.
  • Immunity: Poison: Immune to Poison effects.
Initial Skills:
  • Terror: Enemies who engage or start the turn engaged with the user must perform a Terror test. Failing the test reduces maximum Offense and Strategy Points by 3. The debuff persists until passing a Terror test on turn start. Passing any Terror test will grant immunity to Terror for 2 turns.
Next post tomorrow, stay tuned!

Invade the streets of Mordheim with the Undead Warband DLC, coming late October!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Guest » 12 October 2016, 17:30

Looks cool!

Though personally I would have gone more for the mischievous evil grin rather than the beastly full bare-fang snarl. The attire is spot-on though, can't wait to see how the armors look like on him.

The only thing really bothering me is those eyes: I think the blind look should be more of a zombie thing, IMO a vampire's gaze should be intense not vacant.
I would change the texture to a sharp colored iris (ghostly green, sanguine red or a wispy light blue, makes no real difference) possibly with a slight glow to hint to the vampire's great mystical powers and would also add thick eyebrows, Bela Lugosi style. ;)

All in all a fine job however


Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Anguloke » 12 October 2016, 23:02

Seems a bit 'on point' with the stereotyping style.


Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Deyric » 12 October 2016, 23:08

Starting equipment doesn't make much sense either. Spears are considered common soldiers or peasant weapons. Something a 'noble' vampire of Sylvania wouldn't deem to use.

Let alone it being a traditional weapon used against them.

Starting should be sword and Shield.

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Seitenwerk » 13 October 2016, 06:57

Yeah I agree that the face could need some optimiziation. Maybe some dark pitch black eyes. I think because of the white skin, that would give him more character than white skin + white eyes.

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Echtel » 13 October 2016, 07:54


Here, just to give the idea of how I would change the vampire. Just with a couple of quick photoshop edits (from a total photoshop noob) and the looks can improve dramatically.
Just iron some wrinkles (the vampire is supposed to be an ageless immortal being after all) give him deep black pupils and eyebrows (seriously what do you guys have against eyebrows?? ;) :lol: )

Oh and also, his weapons and armor should NOT look rusty at all, bloodstained maybe but certainly not worn out and rusty; a vamp's equipment should always be top notch quality, we are talking about the KINGS of the table here :mrgreen:

I honestly think your vampire is just a step from being absolutely amazing, it may be worth it to invest the time to make that couple of small changes; right now it looks... I don't know... a little bit unfinished to me and it's a pity because you did a very good job overall

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Seitenwerk » 13 October 2016, 14:01

I made two versions based on what I said above. One with dark eyes and another one with complete pitch black ones :)

(PS: based on Echtels work above)
test2.jpg (127.85 KiB) Viewed 4553 times
test1.jpg (127.85 KiB) Viewed 4553 times


Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Guy » 15 October 2016, 00:17

The tabletop Vampire is really powerful, I wonder how you balanced it in the video game.
He seems most likely to be an impressive. As hero i 'm very curious about the stats.

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby backrow » 18 October 2016, 23:43

give him a sword though, he's clearly a noble and not some peasant :)

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Smokey » 21 October 2016, 19:05

Does the Vampire not have access to a spell list as featured in Fantasy Battle, Fantasy Roleplay, etc? It would be quite helpful to have access to a pair of Call of Vanhel's given that these zombies stand a strong chance of beginning spread across the map.

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