Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

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Re: Post #2 – Vampire Leader reveal!

Postby Echtel » 23 October 2016, 12:58

Does the Vampire not have access to a spell list as featured in Fantasy Battle, Fantasy Roleplay, etc? It would be quite helpful to have access to a pair of Call of Vanhel's given that these zombies stand a strong chance of beginning spread across the map.
Should be able to buy spellcasting ability lorewise, but I don't think it will be the case in CotD.
In old tabletop Mordheim you could buy the "arcane lore" skill for your vampire as he was able to learn academic skills too. Wasn't really worth it unless you managed to get him to really high levels though; you were much better off prioritizing combat, strength and speed skills making him into a melee monster (starts with the best base stats in the damn game with 2 wounds, 2 attacks and 4 points all around WS, BS, S, T)...

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